Erik van Eykelen

Husband, dad, entrepreneur, programmer, 8-bit hacker, former game developer, space enthusiast, and electric vehicle driver. Relentlessly optimistic about the opportunities of science and technology.

Founder of Operand. Co-founder of ClubCollect. Writing at MsgTrail.

"Working with Erik was a memorable experience. He has big ideas, yet very pragmatic. His supportive leadership style helped my team numerous times shipping quality software."
—Adam Rutkowski,

"Erik is not afraid to take risks while striving to preserve a sane and supportive working environment. As a leader, he has a rare trait of thoughtfully listening to feedback and acting upon it."
—Adrian Gruntkowski

"For over a decade, Erik was my business partner and CTO. Without his experience, outstanding project management skills, and strategic thinking we would not have been able to successfully launch any of the companies and products we did."
—Joost Honig, Iconum

"Working with Erik and learning from him has one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. Erik is a true product all-rounder with an incredible intuition about what precisely is necessary to move a business and product forward. From privacy and security to data models and code, all the way to messaging and marketing (and spotting typos!), his accomplished, no-nonsense, common sense approach is a breath of fresh air. I can’t think of anyone better to draw together the disparate strands of the product development process in a piece of software that makes sure everything has been taken care of—that’s what he does."
—Philip Poots, VP of Engineering, ClubCollect

"Erik built a culture of comradery, no-nonsense, and respect that I’ll never forget. And sure enough, on my very first day working with him I already shipped to production."
—Wojtek Mach, Developer at Plataformatec

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